Bury a friend, the new anthem of alternative music

Dernière mise à jour : 14 févr. 2019

For about a year now, Billie Eilish has been reigning on alternative music. At only 15 years old, she got discovered with her song Ocean Eyes in 2016, which now counts more than 200 millions streams online. bury a friend, her new single, shows a way darker and mature side of her music.

Currently touring with her brother (Finneas O’Connell, co-author and musician), Billie continues to surprise her fans with the release of her latest single. Released on January 30th, bury a friend also announces the release of her long-waited album: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? planned for March 29th. The music video already reached more than 45 millions views, and let’s say that she isn’t scared of shocking her audience. SPOILER ALERT: it is terrifying.

If you’re a fan of horror movies, you’ll probably find this music video awesome. If not… Let’s say you’ll need a few minutes of preparation. Billie is known for expressing her art in the most shocking and shameless way (as we can see in her video for you should see me in a crown, where we see her swallowing spiders. Classy!) and this music video is no exception. Between paranormal and scary choreographies, the young singer talks about her dark thoughts and what irritates her shamelessly, which she succeeded despite her young age. Billie is like the « more emo and trash » version of Avril Lavigne.

Her music, inspired by pop and alternative sonorities, follows the lead of you should see me in a crown: sassy lyrics, catchy beat and a low voice on the edge of whispers. And to be honest, these are the reasons why we love Billie Eilish so much. This arrogant character with a very dark personality already convinced thousands of fans around the world, since her tour is pretty much sold out everywhere.

We’ll let you decide if Billie deserves to have a place in your playlist.

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