Mobile high schooler working with city leaders to prevent gun violence

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A Mobile high schooler is partnering with Mobile Police Department to curb gun violence. He says he’s tired of losing loved ones.

“Without a stand for the change, there will be no change,” said Morgan.

Mobile County Sophomore Zane Morgan says he’s frustrated with growing violence in the city. When he lost someone close to him, he decided enough was enough.

“Someone that I knew was shot and killed recently, and I was like, Well, it’s time to take a stand,” said Morgan.

With the help of leadership at Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama, a club he attends, he recently hosted a rally at his high school. One of the speakers was Mobile’s Youth Violence Prevention Coordinator Joshua Jones and Morgan says at least 100 students showed up to voice their concerns about gun violence.

“I believe it will never change as well, but it won’t change if we don’t stand up and take a stand for the change,” said Morgan.

Morgan says he and Jones will meet again in July at city council, where 100 more students will discuss safety concerns. He’s also working on creating a Youth Violence Prevention Club in Mobile County Public Schools.

Although he’s worried it may not help prevent violence, he’s hopeful it will encourage more teens to speak about how the current violence is impacting them.

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